Our Farm

Based in Entebbe, Uganda, Rosebud Ltd is the country's largest exporter of roses, commanding around 40% of Uganda's flower export market. The green houses on the farm cover a total of 50 hectares producing and exporting over 12 million stems per month. We are in the process of expanding up to 65 hectares of green houses for a targeted export of 15 million stems per month by 2014. These stems, due to the favourable weather conditions experienced throughout the year, result in their all being of the same high standard. Rosebud Ltd solely specializes in the production of quality cut roses for export onto the world market.

The farm is located 15 km from Entebbe airport and is at an altitude of 1150 metres above Mean Sea Level. The farm experiences a minimum temperature of 16°C and a maximum of  33°C. The weather is consistent for the whole year, which is ideal for production and the ability to maintain a very high quality product. The farm exports 32 cm, 37 cm, and 52 cm length stems with head sizes between 2.8 cm to 3.2 cm for sweetheart roses and 3.5 cm to 4.5 cm head sizes for intermediate roses. We are capable of handling all types of bunching specifications e.g. 1 x 10 to 1 x 40 stems per bunch, solid colors as well as rainbow mixes, with or without consumables as per the requirements of the customer.



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